About Me - Jessica Sanchez

Hello! My name is Jessica Sanchez. Currently living in sunny Arizona, but originally born in Illinois. Photography isn’t just a hobby it’s my heart and soul. Nature draws me in the most because of all the endless amounts of beauty I find to capture. My passion for designing clothes came into play at the same time as I started taking photos when I was 12 years old. About 22 years in my life I finally figured out exactly I wanted to do career wise (with the help of my favorite influencer; Bethany Mota). I combined the idea of photographing and designing into one so I will have my very own clothing line with my photographs plastered all over.

My aspiration in life is to be foremost happy, to travel around the world to photograph and in return inspire others through my work, as well as wear it! This year is my year to make it happen. Stay tuned for updates :)

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