About Me - Jessica Sanchez

Hi everyone my name is Jessica! I'm a graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Photography. The south suburbs of Chicago is where I lived my whole life. I own a Canon 60D camera that I absolutely love!

Nature photography is where my heart belongs. There is unlimited possibilities you can photograph outdoors.

When I pick up my camera, the first thing that comes to mind is to make my shots look extraordinary. My purpose is to impact to people and be inspired. It has internally made me appreciate the beauty of earth. Photography is my escape to reality and brings out my happiest state of mind. 

Editing is a whole other world in the world of art. It opens up my creativity as an artist and allows me to create an entirely different look or enhance it's natural beauty. Overall I want to open up the worlds eyes to become inspire and show how beautiful and precious earth really is. I believe in doing what you love, passion, hard work and reaching for your dreams!

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